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DURABRIC: the affordable, low-carbon brick.

DURABRIC creates affordable, aesthetic homes...

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DURABRIC - A game-changer in construction

DURABRIC is LafargeHolcim’s affordable, low-carbon alternative construction solution. DURABRIC addresses the rapid deforestation faced by many developing countries, caused by the use of burnt bricks as the main building material. DURABRIC is a compressed earth stabilized block made of local earth, sand, cement and water. Thanks to its cement content and specific mix design, developed in LafargeHolcim's R&D center, DURABRIC does not require firing. Therefore, no firewood is needed in the manufacturing process! Compared to traditional burnt clay bricks, DURABRIC also offers better resistance to water, higher strength blocks, lower carbon emissions and a superior aesthetic finish; all using local materials. 

A specific mix of earth, sand and cement +

precise mixing, compaction and curing =



Benefits of DURABRIC

High quality

The curing of the compressed cement bricks allows for high compressive strength, up to 3 times more than a conventional burnt brick.​

Low on carbon

Building a simple house with DURABRIC will on average save 14 Trees per house built, reducing CO2 emissions tenfold and mitigating the rate of deforestation. 


DURABRIC reduces the cost of wall construction by 20% compared to a burnt brick wall as it uses less mortar and plastering is not needed. 


DURABRIC can be made on any site using local materials. With the correct training, mixed design and production methods, DURABRIC is easily adapted to the local construction methods.



Brick production

In specific countries, we produce high quality DURABRIC for direct purchase. Additionally, we offer training and support for the production of DURABRIC through: on site safety, block production means e.g. through our mobile plant, site & production optimization and capacity building.

Training on soil analysis and mix design

We offer mobile laboratory services to determine the optimum formula for the production of DURABRIC based on the type of soil on your site. In addition, we work with contractors to train their staff on assessing the soil to ensure high quality bricks are produced with the best production practices.

Project technical assistance

In order to support projects looking to build with DURABRIC, we offer technical assistance in the form of house design catalogues, bill of quantities, construction guidelines and checklists as well as safety guidelines. In specific countries, we offer on-site project supervision.

Complete building solution

In order to further increase the quality and affordability of construction, we aim to provide solutions for all components of building construction. Depending on your needs, we offer various solutions for roofing, walls, finishes, screening and plastering.

Contractor and partner network

Through our wide network of affiliated partners and contractors, we are able to provide various offers on material and machine supply, construction, microfinancing and training.

Research and Development

R&D is the cornerstone of innovation at LafargeHolcim and DURABRIC is the result of this core value. In our R&D center, the largest one in the construction sector, we develop innovative construction solutions generating value for our clients.



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High quality individual homes

A house built with DURABRIC for a family of four in Malawi.

Mass residential housing

Providing homes to multiple families through mass housing with DURABRIC in Malawi.

The Lilongwe teacher training college

DURABRIC can be used to provide infrastructure for community development and education.

On-site capacity building

Training and technical support can also be provided on site before and during construction.

High quality buildings and job creation

Through our DURABRIC offer, high quality and durable buildings are ensured while enhancing the participating builders' and masons' employment prospects.

Building with Durabric saves 14 Trees

Building a basic house with DURABRIC saves on average 14 trees opposed to the wood needed to produce traditional burned bricks.

Affordable Housing

Four billion people around the world do not have access to decent housing, including 800 million who live in slums and 150 million who live in developed countries. To address this global need for decent housing, Holcim is focusing on innovation to offer a range of affordable housing solutions including earth-cement building solutions, micro-finance, slum renovation, collective social housing and renovation.

Durabric is Holcim's innovative earth-cement brick equipped to bring high quality, affordable and low-carbon construction solutions 


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14 Trees

To scale up our impact on Affordable Housing across developing countries, Holcim and CDC, the UK’s Development Finance Institution owned by DfID, established a joint-venture company in June 2016; 14 Trees.

14 Trees will focus on the production and promotion of DURABRIC; the affordable, low-carbon construction solution, to various developing countries affected by deforestation resulting from the use of wood-fired bricks. Through DURABRIC, 14Trees will build better lives. 

CDC Group plc

The UK's Department for International Development (DfID)